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About NSDC 

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) is a unique public-private partnership (PPP) under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India. It was established with the objective of catalyzing the skilling ecosystem for private sector participation.


NSDC provides support to enterprises, start-ups, companies, and organizations that are creating an impact in the skilling ecosystem by opening up a world of aspirational opportunities for India's youth.

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About NSDC Academy

Welcome to NSDC Academy, a platform dedicated to cultivating future skills and seamlessly integrating vocational education in alignment with the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020.​

NSDC Academy offers individuals and institutions a unique opportunity to lead in the ever-evolving job market. Through collaborations with esteemed higher education institutions, the academy equips students with in-demand skills, complementing their existing education to unlock their full potential.​

Join NSDC Academy to thrive, innovate, and conquer the evolving landscape of opportunity. Welcome to a future where potential knows no bounds.

Pathways to Possibilities 

"Pathways to Possibilities" encapsulates NSDC Academy's transformative role. As a dynamic platform, NSDC Academy propels individuals, corporations, institutions, and the government toward a structured journey of skill development and growth.

Through industry-aligned courses, partnerships, and courses, NSDC Academy serves as a conduit to uncharted opportunities. It drives learners to uncover their potential, acquire pertinent skills, and embrace myriad avenues for personal and professional advancement. This positioning underscores NSDC Academy's commitment to bridging the skills gap, empowering stakeholders, and guiding them towards a future abounding with limitless possibilities.

Functioning as a vibrant marketplace, NSDC Academy bridges individuals, governments, corporations, and institutions to the skill ecosystem’s apex. Offering diverse paid courses tailored to evolving needs, it harnesses strategic partnerships to deliver top-tier, industry-relevant education. By facilitating alliances with institutions, skill service providers, corporates, and government agencies, NSDC Academy enriches training offerings, expands reach, and contributes to the development of the skill landscape.

NSDC Academy stands as a beacon, connecting learners with multifaceted pathways, unveiling the world's possibilities. The term "pathway" symbolizes its guided route, simplifying the skill development process. "Possibilities" illuminates the diverse opportunities NSDC Academy offers, fostering growth and change for individuals, businesses, institutions, and nations.

By positioning itself as the "Pathways to Possibilities," NSDC Academy redefines skill development, propelling stakeholders toward a promising future, fortified by competence and innovation.

How is NSDC Academy Reshaping the Edtech Landscape? 

At NSDC Academy, individuals encounter a hands-on approach that elevates their online learning experiences. We help learners seamlessly acquire highly sought-after skills by leading companies, ensuring their swift readiness for the future. Through strategic partnerships and tailored courses, NSDC Academy fosters an environment where novel ideas flourish. Our mission is clear: to make learning practical and empower individuals on their career journeys. NSDC Academy is reshaping online education to prepare its learners for India's dynamic job market.​

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