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A suite of solutions that aligns with your aspirations and market needs, fuelling your growth with resources as dynamic and adaptable as your vision.​











Capitalise on our collaborations with industry giants, established institutes like IIT and IIM, Sector Skill Councils and an extensive network of training partners. Our rich course catalogue is designed to be:

> Industry-relevant​

> Future-ready​
> build an employability-ready workforce​

Catering to diverse learning demands, preferences and schedules with courses available in various formats:

> Offline​ > Online ​ > Hybrid​


Facilitation of Academic Credit equivalence of Short-Term Skill courses with Higher Education ​

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NSDC Academy launches a significant initiative that aligns the skill training ecosystem with higher education. Building a pathway for candidates to gain academic credits through standalone skill-based courses offered by recognised Training Partners of NSDC Academy. Powered by NSDC’s collaboration with UGC & NCVET recognised Awarding Bodies, such as Skill Universities / IITs / HEIs, the initiative builds a robust framework for skill courses recognition, credit accumulation and redemption through Skill India Digital Hub under the National Credit Framework (NCrF). ​

Mandated by the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the National Credit Framework (NCrF) enables the facilitation of credit transfer and mobility via various streams.​

Explore the Pillars of Our Credit Recognition Initiative​

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Alignment with National Credit Framework (NCrF)​​

Integrating skill training with higher education, catalysing employability and academic progression.​

Find Out Why Creditisation Is
A Game Changer for You and Learners​


Multiple Entry–Multiple Exit 
(ME-ME Options)

Your courses can enable learners to re-enter the education system at any time.​


Flexibility in Learning​

Your creditised courses help learners gain credits via offline, online, digital and blended learning. ​

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Credit Accumulation​

These credits are accumulated and redeemed through the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC).​


Skilling Credits​

UGC permits 12 to 30 credits for skilling courses.​


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)​

Learners will now be able to earn credits for existing knowledge, reducing the time and resources needed for educational goals.

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Academic Credit Recognition​

Learners can earn academic credits for skill-based courses, which can be banked in the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) and utilised for further higher education or professional growth.​

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Adherence to NHEQF and NSQF​

Courses are elevated to quality and outcome standards set by the National Higher Education Qualification Framework (NHEQF) and National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF)​

How to align the courses for academic creditisation?  ​


Interested Training Partners can reach out to NSDC Academy by filling up the attached interest and information gathering form. The same will be sent to the partner Awarding Bodies for course alignment and approval chosen by the training partner. ​

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Training Partners can choose to creditise their courses either under NHEQF or under the NSQF framework in a 15 to 60-day timeframe respectively as per the approved process specified by the respective regulators. ​

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One-time course alignment and approval fees will be collected by NSDC Academy directly from Training Partner and the assessment charges per candidate will be directly collected by Awarding Bodies.​


Specialised offerings by various experts within the NSDC Academy ecosystem are designed to guide users through every step of their learner-to-earner journey. These services, available individually or bundled, empower partners to create competitive offerings for your audience by bundling them.

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Group 1463.png

Placement Preparation


Group 1385.png

Mentor Connect

Group 1464.png

Digital Library (including Research)

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NSDC’s growing network of Physical Centres, spanning across India, is a strategic asset within our partner ecosystem. ​


For partners offering digital-only courses, these Physical centres open up a new pathway of possibilities. By utilising our infrastructure to host hybrid classes, partners can amplify their reach and expand their course offerings, boosting enrolment and learner engagement.​


Recruiting partners can leverage the facilities to conduct in-person interviews, adding a tangible, personal touch to the recruitment process. This increases the volume of applications and enriches the candidate experience, ensuring a higher calibre of procurement.​​

ERP Solutions​

Ease your educational operations with our comprehensive ERP Solutions suite.​

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Student Information System (SIS)​

Efficient management, monitoring and analysis of student data to aid critical decision-making while upholding privacy standards.​

Group 1467.png

Learning Management System (LMS)​

Enables the creation of engaging and dynamic course content by integrating multimedia with assignments and supports streamlined access through Single Sign-On (SSO) and API Integration for user experience.​

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Leverage the  advanced tools from our partners for creating, administering, and analyzing assessments to create the evaluation process and boost student outcomes. Our solutions simplifies assessment management and provides in-depth insights into learner performance, aiding in the development of more effective educational strategies.

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Accreditation Software​

Featuring comprehensive Quality Assessment modules, delivering robust analytics for monitoring stakeholder performance and automates report generation for accreditation and regulatory compliance, ensuring your institution meets the highest standards.


Tap into expert marketing services facilitated by NSDC Academy, offering competitive rates with fixed-rate cards, thanks to our network of service-providing partners. Customise solutions that resonate with your audience and align with your business goals. With our support, optimise your sales funnel efficiently, ensuring your marketing efforts catalyse your growth.

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Marketing ​

Group 1487.png
Group 1484.png


Marketing Management​

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Group 1482.png



Group 1487.png
Group 1485.png

Creative asset Development​

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Group 1483.png



Group 1487.png
Group 1486.png

Digital Marketing Advisory​

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Built by NSDC Digital, it revolutionises credential verification with Digitally Verifiable Credentials (DVC), combining efficiency, effectiveness and speed

Key Benefits

With over 140 verification options spanning identification, education, legal records, professional qualifications, financial history and more, the applications are endless. Whether you're a recruiter verifying candidate backgrounds, an organisation vetting vendors, an educational institution authenticating student credentials or a bank conducting due diligence, NSDC Trust equips you with the tools to make informed decisions anchored by a foundation of trust.


Once credentials are verified, they remain unalterable, guaranteeing the integrity and longevity of the information.​

Tamper-Proof and Provable Authenticity

Credentials are safeguarded against fraud and misrepresentation, with cryptographically verifiable authorship.​



Quick and efficient processing by machines allows for rapid verification, reducing the time from query to delivery.​



The sharing of credentials requires holder consent, ensuring privacy and control over personal information.​

Portability and Interoperability

Built on open API standards, credentials are reusable and QR-code enabled, enhancing accessibility and ease of use.​


Utilising private blockchain technology, credentials are stored and transmitted securely.​


JobX by NSDC transforms the landscape of employment and learning. ​

JobX as an aggregator​

For partners with job vacancies, JobX acts as a powerful aggregator, gathering a multitude of opportunities in one accessible place for efficient recruitment. ​

JobX for course integration

For educational partners, integration is key; courses can be linked directly to job opportunities, providing a clear and direct path from education to employment. This integration ensures that learning translates into earning, completing the cycle of professional development.​

Growing together in a network you can trust

Welcome to a network where your growth is our priority, and every step forward is a step together.

At NSDC Academy, we believe in the power of collaboration and trust to redefine business growth. Our platform serves as a thriving nexus where every partner can leverage the ecosystem to optimise their operational excellence and unlock new avenues for business expansion.

Your Pathway to ​
Connect, Collaborate and Catalyse
Business Growth

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COLLABORATE and harness the combined strengths of NSDC Academy's partnership ecosystem. Engage with the expansive network to elevate your unique offerings with various services and solutions, catalysing your business growth.

CONNECT with a network that values your expertise and aligns with your business vision. Find your perfect partner in creditisation, marketing services, specialised courses and much more. It's where your offerings meet the right partners, paving the way for a journey of collaborative success.

CATALYSE your success by leveraging the robust partnerships and comprehensive resources at your disposal to drive innovation and scale your operations. Unlock new possibilities, broaden your market reach and enrich your brand and service portfolio with NSDC Academy.

How Partnering with Us Benefits You

Confidently Navigate Your Pathway to Success with NSDC Academy

Each collaboration at NSDC Academy is solidified through a clear three-party agreement, ensuring transparency, trust and mutual success for all involved parties.

The structured approach enables us to:

Elevate partnerships with compliance and quality.

Streamline the partnership process, boosting your efficiency.

Resolve challenges with dedicated support.

Ready to explore how we can grow together?​

Ready to explore how we can grow together? Tell us a bit about yourself and select the offerings that spark your interest. We’re excited to connect and learn more about how we can support your journey.​

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