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NSDC Academy partners with leading universities, institutes, and education service provides to not only help you get the right knowledge, but we also become your guiding light. From helping you choose the right course to providing the resources you need to reach the end goal, NSDC Academy Courses guide you through everything.

Our Courses 

Explore from a range of diverse Courses to achieve your career goals. 

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NSDC Academy for Higher Ed

NSDC Academy, offers a comprehensive suite of industry-aligned higher education Courses in alignment with the NEP 2020 policy. These online courses are designed to accelerate students’ careers through skill enhancement and guaranteed job interviews.​

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The Integrated Skill-Embedded Paid Internships

The Integrated Skill-Embedded Internship is an innovative initiative that blends academic learning from prestigious institutions with hands-on industry exposure. ​

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 Industry-Sponsored Work-Integrated Degree Courses for Universities 

Industry-Sponsored Work-Integrated Degree Courses are a transformative blend of academic learning and industry exposure, preparing students to navigate the professional world with confidence and excellence. ​

NSDC-Aggregator Degree Courses for Working Professionals - Certification as a Service 

NSDC Academy's Aggregator Degree Courses for Working Professionals and its revolutionary 'Certification as a Service' model pave the way for a skilled workforce ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. By investing in this course, working professionals gain the opportunity to upgrade their skills, amplify their credentials, and achieve career advancement.​

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Industry-Sponsored Work-Integrated Degree Courses for Universities 

The Industry-Sponsored Work-Integrated Degree Programs represent a transformative learning initiative, designed to empower the next generation of professionals. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills, we prepare you to successfully navigate the dynamic professional landscape.​

NSDC Academy Partner Language Centers - Offering Online, Offline, and Live Courses

The NSDC Academy Partner Language Centers not only equip learners with linguistic prowess but also instill in them the confidence to stride into the global arena, ready to seize the limitless opportunities that knowledge of multiple languages presents.​

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