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The NSDC & Deakin University Alliance

Forging a Global Skills Powerhouse
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The Deakin Global Job Readiness Program is born from a visionary alliance between the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and Deakin University. 

NSDC, India's leading skilling body, offers unparalleled insight into the evolving needs of the Indian workforce and a robust nationwide network of training partners.  Deakin University, a globally respected institution with a rich 30-year legacy in India, brings its acclaimed expertise in crafting industry-aligned curriculum and pioneering online learning methodologies.  

This strategic union equips Indian professionals with the indispensable skillsets they need to excel in the ever-shifting global job market. 
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Equip Yourself for Global Success

Benefits of the Deakin Global Job Readiness Program
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Master In-Demand Global Skills

Introduction to the Deakin Global Job Readiness Program  
The Deakin Global Job Readiness Program, available at two levels, offers a comprehensive and engaging curriculum designed to equip you with the six core skill areas essential for success in the global job market
1. Communication 
2. Collaboration 
3. Problem Solving 
4. Innovation 
5. Digital Literacy 
6. Financial Literacy 
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What Does the Program Comprise? 

Key Highlights of the Deakin Global Job Readiness Program
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Success Tailored to Your Needs 

Deakin Global Job Readiness Program Curriculum
Foundational Level 
Fundamentals of Communication  
Fundamentals of Collaboration  
Solving Problems in the Workplace 
Fostering Innovation in Your Team 
Digital Fundamentals in a Connected World 
Principles of Financial Literacy 
Intermediate Level 
 Effective Communication in the Workplace 
Effective Team Collaboration 
Understanding Problem Solving Processes 
Identifying Innovative Practices 
Participating in the Digital Age 
Managing Income and Expenditure 

Program Fee: INR 1180 (inclusive of GST) per candidate. 

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Let’s Build a Job-Ready Workforce 

Reach out to NSDC  
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