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Industry-Sponsored Work-Integrated Degree Courses

NSDC Academy’s Industry-Sponsored Work-Integrated Degree Courses offer students a unique opportunity to blend academia with real-world industry experience. With the guidance of leading industry partners, this course equips students with the skills and insights needed to excel in a dynamic professional landscape. 

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Key Course Benefits 

This initiative represents a vital partnership between academia and industry, fostering talent development, innovation, adaptability, and relevance in the ever-evolving world of work. Students can seamlessly integrate these versatile courses into their existing curriculum. 

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Certifications Value and Fee 

These certifications issued in collaboration with NSDC Academy, are recognized by employers nationally.
Recognizing the immense prestige and value these certifications carry, a nominal fee is levied. This fee encompasses both the association with the respected NSDC Academy and the acquisition of each individual certification. This fee structure ensures that the c
ourse remains accessible while maintaining its distinct value.

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The Fee Structure

To facilitate this course, an additional fee component, determined through mutual understanding, will be levied on students. This fee, earmarked for skill enhancement, is collected by NSDC Academy and shared with industry partners based on a pre-determined agreement.
For instance, if the course fee is 'x,' an additional 'y' component will be added for skill enhancement. This 'y' component is distributed at an 80:20 ratio between the industry partner and NSDC, respectively.

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