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NSDC-Aggregator Degree Courses for Working Professionals - Certification as a Service 

NSDC Academy’s Industry-Sponsored Work-Integrated Degree Courses offer students a unique opportunity to blend academia with real-world industry experience. With the guidance of leading industry partners, this course equips students with the skills and insights needed to excel in a dynamic professional landscape. 

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What does the Course Pack? 

A key feature of this course is the collaboration with a diverse range of aggregators, handpicked by NSDC Academy, to reach out to universities and engage students in these career-transforming courses.
The aggregators under the NSDC Academy’s banner not only deliver a wide variety of courses, but they are also granted the liberty to administer their own specialized courses in synergy with NSDC Academy. This dynamic association assures unparalleled brand value and fosters a rich learning environment.

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Certifications Value and Fee 

These certifications issued in collaboration with NSDC Academy, are recognized by employers nationally.
Recognizing the immense prestige and value these certifications carry, a nominal fee is levied. This fee encompasses both the association with the respected NSDC Academy and the acquisition of each individual certification. This fee structure ensures that the course remains accessible while maintaining its distinct value.

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