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Industry-Sponsored Work-Integrated Degree Courses for Universities 

Our Industry-Sponsored Work-Integrated Degree Courses, a collaboration between NSDC Academy and esteemed universities, redefine education by seamlessly merging academic knowledge with real-world skills. 

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Comprehensive Curriculum 

This course offers a robust curriculum consisting of 120 credits, including 90 core course credits and an additional 30 credits dedicated to skill-embedded modules. These modules feature hands-on practical sessions and paid internships, providing a unique, real-world dimension to your learning experience. 

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Certifications Value and Fee 

A distinctive feature of our course is the integration of paid internships within the skill-embedded modules. These internships offer you the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, equipping you with industry-relevant skills. Earn while you learn, enhancing your financial independence and incentivizing your participation. 

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