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End to End Placement

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Online Learning

(For Jobs in IT for Students in Any Field of Study)

The primary focus of the online courses is to provide skilling and soft skills to make students job-ready. The courses are prepared by industry experts and delivered by industry experts. Students can maximise the benefits of the courses when learning starts from the early stages of the student lifecycle. The course instructors are the top 1% industry experts from renowned companies that students aspire to work for.

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A variety of courses are offered under

the following streams:

  • Popular Skills

  • Full Stack Courses

  • Popular Languages

  • Popular Coding

  • Aptitude

  • Company-Specific Courses

  • Interview Preparation

  • Assessment Platforms

The above courses are specifically mapped to various skilling paths and assigned to students based on their career goals. Specific courses that will increase a student's chances of getting a job as per their career goals are recommended for each semester.

While learning, any doubts can be instantly cleared in the Doubt Resolution window. A mentor is provided to the institution to address any challenges during the life of the engagement.

Limited Placement Guarantee Courses

Live coaching classes are provided in the form of 3 to 6-month programmes to train students in the following domains. These are limited courses with a placement guarantee in the form of a paid internship or a job offer. In the event the student does not get either of these, there is a money-back guarantee.

  • Digital Marketing

  • Content Writing

  • UI/UX Creative Design

  • HR

  • Product Management

  • Business Development

  • Electric Vehicles 

The course instructor is an industry expert from companies like Google, McKinsey, and IBM. These courses come with placement assistance. They are conducted through video conferences.

Course Highlights

  • Live classes and recorded lectures

  • Assignments

  • Skill Development

  • Live discussions

  • Industry projects

  • Downloadable content

  • Industry-recognized certification

  • 24x7 support

  • Community-based learning 

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Customised Live Courses

These programmes are structured to help students solve Case Study Challenges, Coding Challenges, and Hackathons to target a premium salary package. These are customized programmes based on the requirements of the institution and the profile of the students.

They typically run over 12 weeks and are conducted in the evenings and on weekends. The instructors are active and practicing industry experts from the most renowned companies.

A dashboard is offered to the institution for free to track each student's progress in various challenges.

The following are some of the attributes:

  • Assess students' performance to ascertain their strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Upskill students with 100+ instructors from top companies like Google, Amazon, etc.

  • Enable your students to get hands-on experience with mock tests and mock interviews.

  • Engage with companies like Walmart, Flipkart, etc., by competing in hiring challenges.

  • Let your students apply to a plethora of jobs and internship opportunities. 


Free access to an aggregated list of hackathons and challenges is provided to the students, giving them exposure to industry trends. Students can either attempt the challenges or attend training through customized live programmes to better prepare themselves.

Over 30,000 Hackathons and Challenges are available from 800 Hiring Partners. Institutions can promote and monitor student participation in these Hackathons and Challenges. Significant high-value salary packages are available to students who solve the challenges.

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